Weights and Words- Updates on Training and Life!

I feel like it’s been a little while since I’ve done this, so I’m kind of excited to share some things going on in my life!

A while ago, I wrote about how I’m training for a body building competition. My plan was to do a competition at the end of October, and maybe in December too. As excited as I was, and with as much planning and preparation I felt like I put into getting ready, I still wasn’t ready. I had a really hard time getting myself mentally on board. Going to the gym was easy, but the dieting was not. I like food and I don’t like being hungry, so I really struggled with the restrictions. I knew it was only a temporary thing, but I was still talking weeks and months.

So, long story short, I’m not competing this year like I had hoped. I’ll admit, I am disappointed. I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t have the right discipline. I really have no one to blame but myself that I wasn’t ready. There were a couple in December I was hoping to do, but there are other plans those weekends, priorities that come first.

Does this mean I’m giving up?

Heck no!!!

This is something I really really want to do. It’s something that for me, I really feel like it’s something worth pursuing. So, I’m… post-poning it.

As far as I can see, there won’t be any competitions that I would be ready for until Spring. That’s way too long to still be in a caloric deficit and trying to cut up for competition. So, I’ve decided that like many other bodybuilders, I’m going to spend the next few months bulking!

I feel like muscle-wise, I’m good to go for competition, but there are a few areas that could still be built up before I start cutting again. So, I’m going to spend the next few weeks eating tons of food to make sure I get enough protein, and changing up my workouts so I’m lifting heavier and really building those muscles.

With as much as I’ve worked out, I don’t think I’ve done an actual bulk phase. I’ve always tried to build up muscle while trying to trim the fat off. With bulking, I will be putting on some weight. I’m going to be building muscle, but with that comes some fat. I’ve started taking creatine again to help me bulk up, so it didn’t take long for the water weight to come back.

I have only been doing this for a couple weeks, but I’ll admit, as much as I love that I get to eat and enjoy food, it is a little hard to get on the scale and see the weight going back up. It’s a little hard to look in the mirror and see myself getting soft. I was far from being competition ready, but I feel like I’ve already lost the progress I made.

The things is, I haven’t lost any progress at all. Like I said, the water weight hit quick. It took only a couple days to gain a couple extra pounds. I know it’s water weight. If I stop taking creatine, it will be gone in a couple days. I’ve seen a lot of progress with my lifting, hitting all sorts of PRs. I can’t see it in the mirror yet, but I know I’m getting stronger.

It’s a little mentally hard to purposely put on some weight when the world is telling you that you should be trying your hardest to lose weight. I see all these posts about “Avoiding the Holiday weight gain”. Sometimes I have to look up bodybuilding stuff just so I know I’m not alone in this. It prompted me to make this fun Tweet…


I do get to eat (sometimes it almost seems like too much food!), but I still have to be careful. I do expect to put on some fat, but I don’t want to get too much. That’s just more I’ll have to burn off in a few months. I still try to plan and prep me meals, mostly to make sure I’m getting all the protein I need. It’s still a lot of work. I do let myself have more treats, but it definitely is an balancing act.

So, to sum up my new fitness life, I’m bulking, which means lifting heavier to put on more muscle, and eating more to feed those muscles! In a few months I’ll start cutting and preparing for a competition!

Now, onto my other life update…

Some people already know this, but for those of you that don’t know, I’m a writer. I have written 2 books. I don’t think either of them are amazing, but I’m still pretty proud of myself!

Well, for years now, I’ve been trying to write this other book. I’ve had this story idea in my head for years, and even though aspects of the story has changed (setting, characters, etc,) the basic plot has stuck with me. I’ve tried several times to write this story, but I’ve really struggled. A major problem I have is that I’m not exactly sure how I want it to end. It’s hard to write when you don’t have a destination.

Every November, writers across the country attempt this challenge called NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. With this challenge, writers attempt to write a novel in only one month! I’ve given it a couple of tries, but I’ve never been able to finish.


This year, I decided (almost at the last minute) that I was going to give it another go this year! I really do want to finish this story, and I figure now’s just as good a time as any to get it done!

I still don’t know exactly where I’m going with the story, but I feel good about it. For now, I’m using other drafts I already have written as base, because I really like how I have it set up. the goal is to write 50,000+ words, so that’s about 1,667 words each day. So far it’s been pretty easy because I’m just re-writing what I already have, but soon I’m going to hit that point where I’m going to have to really work hard.

This month, I’m setting myself up to really strengthen my body and my mind. I like to think of myself as a creative person, but for a long time, I had no motivation or inspiration to do anything creative. Now, it’s all coming back to me. Like lifting weights, writing takes discipline, and I know that if I work hard this month, and in the coming months, I can make it just as much a habit as exercise.

I guess that’s it for now! As of now, I’m pretty excited about the way things are going!


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