Monday Motivation 10/29/18

I love this message!

It’s so easy to look at someone in a magazine or Instagram or whatever and think “I wish I could look like them!”. Our society expects us to compare ourselves to others and to try to look like others, even when it’s not what our body is meant to look like.

Occasionally I will save pictures of other females that I think have great bodies, but i try to be realistic. I try to find bodies that are similarly shaped and proportioned. It doesn’t make sense for me to look at females with tiny hips and stick thin bodies because 1) That’s not the look I’m going for, and 2) I don’t have tiny hips or a stick thin body.

This is one thing I live about bodybuilding. Yes, for competitions, there are some guidelines the judges expect, but it also allows everyone to showcase their body that they have made.

When you think about how you want to look, be realistic about your body. It’s okay to look at fit people as an example, but make sure you think about how their body is shaped compared to yours. And if you don’t get the six pack abs or poppin booty like these people, so what??! You do you!!!


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