Monday Motivation 9/17/18

I have a few thoughts on my mind and I hope I can put them in a coherent message…

I love sharing motivational thoughts and messages. I love finding quotes from other people that put things I’m thinking and feeling into words, and then posting them. They give me that little boost to help me through a tough workout or when I need to get my head on straight.

But, that motivation only lasts so long. That little boost is like a sugar rush… Awesome when I feel it but the feeling goes away quick.

When I first started really working out and trying to get a good system down, it was hard. I felt like I could only workout on the days when I felt like it. The conditions had to he just right. It took a long time to just make it a habit. It took time to make it a part of my routine. Now, it’s just as much a part of my day as doing dishes and making dinner.

You can’t rely on motivation to get you going. You have to have the determination to get you going. You have to want it. I saw a woman wearing a shirt at the gym this weekend that said (and pardon the language) “F**k motivation, it’s about determination!”

And it is so true!

If you’re one of those people that have to rely on motivation from others, you’re not going to achieve your goals. I wish I could remember the exact quote and who I heard it from, but I heard something along the lines of “You can’t outsource your motivation.”

I’m going to keep sharing motivational stuff because I live doing it, and sometimes I never know when someone needs it. But, I hope anyone reading this has the right mindset about their health and fitness goals. I hope others aren’t relying too much on me to he their motivation, because, honestly, I don’t always have it. There are several days where I have to fight with myself to get to the gym and to eat the right stuff. It’s always going to be a battle, and sometimes I lose. We all do. But, I pick myself up and keep going, because I have determination.

Make health and fitness a habit, and you won’t have to rely on motivation. You just do it.


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