My Bikini Competition Workouts

As far as training for this bodybuilding competition goes, going to the gym to lift weights is the easy part. I already had a good habit of going and I feel like I knew enough to get my body in the shape it needs to be in to be stage ready. The trainer I met with when I first joined helped me break up the workouts even more so I could focus on developing those areas that are lacking a little bit. (Gotta get the booty popping!)

I’ve mentioned before how I have my days split into push and pull days for both upper and lower body. This makes it so even if I’m working the same muscles a couple days apart, I’m using them differently so they don’t get overworked. I don’t know if that’s the real scientific reasoning behind it, but that’s how I think of it! I feel like my muscles get a little more rest between workouts and I’m not super sore.

I’ve made little things showing what I do for my workouts. Some things have many varieties, like squats, deadlift, and dumbbell curls. I may do 2-3 different varieties of these movements in one session. Some things I might try to do each workout, like hip thrusts, because they target an area that I’m specifically working on building up more. Some things I only do if I have time or if the machine/weight is available!


Even if you’re not training for a competition, these are great exercises to do in the gym! Most of them can be modified in some way to fit your level. If you’re looking for ideas, I hope this helps!


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