Upper body pull workout

A couple weeks ago, I shared an existing of the workout split I’m doing now. I have my upper body and lower body days, and then I split those up with push days and pull days. I like this split because even if I’m working the same muscle groups a couple days apart, I’m working them differently. I’m not as sore afterwards, so I feel like my muscles have a little more time to recover.

Yesterday was an upper body pull day. To warm up, I did 800 meters on a lower. This helped get the blood pumping and it warms my muscles up! To show y’all what I did, I brought back my cute little stick girl!

I don’t know why that last one came out sideways, but we all know what pull ups are!

I did a little bit of an work after all this too. I’ve been trying to do a little more bit of abs after every workout instead of dedicating a set time and workout just to abs. I feel like this works for me better at this time. I don’t really have the time to dedicate to a set an workout, so a little bit each day is perfect for me!


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