Thought for the day

I found this a couple days ago and took a screenshot of it because I really liked this! I happened to see it today before I went to the gym, and I’m really glad I saw it, because I was struggling.

It was one of those days where five minutes in my work out, I could tell it was going to be rough. I was tired, feeling kind of run down, and having a hard time getting focused.

Then I thought of this. Now, between my blog followers and all my social media stuff combined, I have maybe 2000 followers. Maybe. Of that 2000, there is only a really small percentage that really follow my fitness journey. I’m very appreciative of all my followers, and very very happy and blessed for those that follow me closely.

That being said, even with the small circle if people that even care, I still feel like what I’m doing matters. I like to think there are those that find inspiration and motivation from me, just like I find inspiration and motivation from others. It’s very easy for me to say “Oh, yeah, I follow this person, I really like their work outs or they have a lot of information I find useful.” So, I hope, and in my mind, I think there are at least a couple people that feel this way about me on social media!!

So, while I was there in the gym, struggling with my work out, feeling like I just wanted to call it quits, I thought of this quote. I thought of the people that follow me. I thought about my friends. My husband. My kids. In some way, all these people are counting on me to have discipline. That discipline goes beyond the gym. People are counting on me to take care of my responsibilities. There are people that believe in me.

I’m so grateful for everyone who helps me and encourages me. Yeah, I can totally do all this without anyone knowing. It is, after all, all up to me. But the support is so greatly needed some times. You never know when someone needs that extra but of encouragement. And you never know when someone is going to remember that encouragement in a hard time!

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is, thank you all!


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