It’s Christmas Eve!


As a kid I always loved Christmas Eve, almost as much as Christmas morning. It always a day filled with fun and goodies and today was no different!!

At one point my husband and I tried to go work out at our apartment gym, which is supposed to be open 24/7, but they locked it for the holidays. I felt like this….

I know…. That’s a scary picture but it sums up how I felt pretty well.

We had a delicious dinner! Yesterday my husband picked up tamales and tortillas from Rosa’s!

I love these tortillas. They’re amazing. The queso is amazing too! I made myself some guacamole. My husband made homemade lemonade. It was a fantastic dinner!!

Of course we had to read stories!

Now the kids are in bed and my husband and I are watching our favorite Christmas movie… Scrooge! 

In a little bit we’ll do the Santa thing and then get ourselves to bed!

Excitement is running through our home!!!


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