Almost here!!

Today we checked off two more items off the Christmas Tradition To Do List… Visit Santa and get treats!

Usually I take the kids to go see Santa earlier. We never get pictures taken, we just stop by to say hi and give him the kids’ letters. We usually go at a time where we’re the only ones there. Well, since it’s closer to Christmas, AND a Saturday, it was pretty busy, so we had to wait in line for a while. As we were waiting, I realized that people were taking these pictures pretty seriously. Like, the little girls in the pretty frilly dresses. Families in matching clothes. Teenage girls checking their hair and make up every five minutes. Is this normal?? Do people really put in that much effort for these pictures? I guess next year we need to step up our game.

As soon as we got home we took off for Corsicana! We’re keeping up a tradition from my husband’s family of visiting the Collin Street Bakery for baked goods and Russell Stover for treats!!

I know as a health/fitness centered blog I should be telling you not to indulge too much during the season, but I mean…. It’s Christmas! You can’t out-work a bad diet, but working out while eating lots of food and treats does help. 

I’m pretty excited about the next couple days! Have fun everyone!


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