Monday Motivation- Reset Button

Last week I was kind of struggling. If you followed my Twitter feed, I kept tweeting stuff like “It’s a fake it till you make it kind of day” and “I don’t wanna”. I was having a really hard time getting motivated and just getting out and doing it.

Halfway through the week I decided I needed a day (or two) off. It had been a while since I had taken a rest day and I was really feeling it. I had that run down, just wanna stay in bed all day feeling. 

So I took the weekend off. And I feel so much better!

I’m not sore and exhausted. I’m excited to go workout. I’m ready to face the day.

Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button. Taking off a day or two won’t kill you, as long as it’s only a couple days. Our bodies need to chill now and then. If you keep pushing and pushing when your body is done, you’re going to end up sick or hurt. Then you have to take a lot of rest days and it throws you off.


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