Awesome sleeves! 

Ok, if you haven’t figured out by now, I get excited about small simple things. It’s a great way to live! Last year my husband got me these sleeves. It’s finally cooled down enough for me to use them again so I had to share!

I had another pair before but some how one got lost in the wash. This pair is more exciting though! First off, I love these sleeves because I hate when I’m running or working out in a long sleeve shirt, get too hot, take the shirt off, and then I’m too cold. I don’t know about y’all but I always get hottest up in the shoulders and arm pit area, so just rolling up my sleeves doesn’t do the trick.

With these, my arms stay warm, but the area that needs to he cooled down gets cooled down. I can still wear these with a short sleeve shirt and not get too hot! If I do hit that point where I need to take them off, it’s real easy to just pull them off and they’re small enough I can hold onto them, put them in a pocket, or if I get real desperate, just stick ’em in the sports bra! (I haven’t had to resort to that yet, thank goodness!)

These sleeves have the thumb holes, which makes anything 10Xs cooler, even if I don’t end up using them. But, what makes these sleeves truly awesome, is they have a part that you can fold over your hand it a mitten!! Woo!!!

Oh, the best part? Machine washable!!!

These ones are Saucony. My husband found them for a great price at the time on Amazon. I don’t know if they still have these around, but I think everyone should have some sleeves, even if they don’t have the fun mittens! I loved my old ones and was sad when I lost it. Like, I realized within minutes that it was missing and went for a hunt to find it, but the laundry monster got it. But I have these ones now, so it’s all good!!


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