Monday Motivation

Welcome back, Monday!

I can’t remember where I saw it, but on some social media site, I found this little quote that I really loved:


The year is already half over, and I’m sure most of us have long since given up on a goal or resolution we made at the beginning of the year. Another year, another failure.

Does it have to be?

Why wait until January to set new goals? Why wait until the beginning of a new month, or a new week? Why not start now??!

I know, sometimes it’s easier to start something at the beginning of a month or week or whatever. We can follow a calendar, set a plan, all that. I do that too sometimes. But, there is something kind of awesome about starting something in the middle of the week or on a random day. It changes things up. It can help get out of the mindset of “Well, I have to wait until this day to do this thing, and if I miss that day, well then I have to wait.”

If you’re unhappy about something, or you want to start making changes, there’s no better time than now!


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