Music + Workout = Power!

Okay, you have your workout clothes on, water bottle, and maybe you’ve taken some pre-workout or something with caffeine to get you pumped up. What else could you possibly need to get you through a workout?


I’m sure I’ve talked about how much music helps in some motivation post, but last night while I was out for a run, I really started thinking about it.

Let me paint you a real picture here…

Last evening I went out for a run. It was going to be a bit rough simply because it was hot, so anything that would help take my mind off of that was welcome. Cue the music! I have a special playlist on my phone for working out. Well, I’ve listened to that a lot lately, and even on random it seems like it’s been playing some of the same songs over and over, so I picked a different playlist. Some of the songs on this playlist are also on my workout playlist. This is the playlist I have that is mostly instrumental, so there are some film scores and other things. I was running intervals last night, and let me tell you, film scores and intervals work well together. I felt like I was running so much faster than normal!

Since I was only doing minute intervals, it seemed like the music picked up right when it was time to start running and slowed down when it was time to talk. It was easier to fall into a rhythm than with the music I normally listen to, and the epic scores made my running feel a little more important, like I was the hero running in to save the day. (Cheesy, I know, but like I said, it was very hot and I needed to think about anything else!)

I’m positive there are several studies out there supporting the claim that music helps physical performance. I know I do better when I have music playing. Whether it’s helping me find a rhythm or just blocking out distractions, I focus better when I have music.

I have a pretty mixed playlist, one that I’m quite proud of. I have several of those scores and instrumental songs on my workout playlist, along with everything from rock to country to rap to pop to I don’t even know. It gives everything a nice change of pace. When I’m feeling especially pumped up (maybe I took a little more pre-workout than normal?) I find myself mouthing the words while I work out. I’m sure I look weird, but who cares? I’m working out!

Just because I feel like it, I’m going to share most of the artists I have on my special workout playlist. This will give you an idea of what I have, and maybe it will give you some ideas! It’s always nice to add new songs, especially if you haven’t updated your playlist in a while.

Artists on my workout playlist-3

What kind of stuff do you have going on your playlist? Share in the comments!


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