Workout Wednesday

Time to share a work out I’ve done this past week!

I’ve been doing more body-weight type workouts now that school’s out and the kids are home. They hang out and play outside while I break a sweat. Today I changed things up a bit. I took the work out to our apartment’s sand volleyball court so the kids could play in the sand! I tried to pretend I was working out at the beach. Today’s work out was 5 rounds of:

10 burpees
15 push ups
20 bicycle crunches
25 scissor abs
30 air squats

I only got through 2 rounds lol. I’ve been doing a lot of push ups and burpees the past few days so my arms and shoulders are super sore. I’m hoping to do something later tonight to make up for cutting it short.

I took a sheet out there and I’m glad I did. My shoulders got slightly sunburned yesterday, so I didn’t want sand rubbing against the burn. The sand made some things a little more difficult, but in some ways, it was more fun!


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