Workout Wednesday

Some of my Instagram friends saw a bit of this story, but I had fun with my story, so I’m going to share the story about my run. I am actually writing this on Sunday and scheduling it for Wednesday, so when I say anything about “today” I really mean Sunday. (Does that make sense?!)

My husband and I were in our room for a while this afternoon, making some plans. It was getting close to dinner time and I was getting hungry. I planned on eating dinner and after it settled I was going to go for a run. We got out of our room and I noticed how dark it was outside. We have a window in our room but we have black out curtains, so I just didn’t see it from our room. I checked the weather and took a look outside.


We were getting rain soon.

I was pretty hungry since I didn’t really eat anything since lunch and I didn’t want to run on an empty stomach, but after seeing the weather, I knew I had a small window to go for a run.

So I quickly ate a granola bar, put on my shoes, and headed outside.


Yeah…. I knew I had to hurry. The route I planned on running is just over 2 miles. I was going to do a 1:1 run/walk interval. I’d like to run the whole thing, but I knew my foot wasn’t going to let me. Adding the walk intervals helps my foot out when it’s bothering me.

I got a little ways along the route when I got to my kids’ school. It’s nice and open out there, so I got a better view of the sky and what was going on.


This ^ was to the East. To the West, I could see where it was raining. At this point, I had 2 options. Head back home and make it a really short run, or keep going the way I planned, pick up the pace, and hope I got home before the rain hit. Even though I was only going to run a couple miles, I was going to be heading straight towards the rain.

I decided to just go for it!

I picked up the pace a bit. A few times I ran through the walk breaks, just so I could hurry it up. Because of the houses and trees, I couldn’t really see the sky much, so I wasn’t sure where the rain was, if it was still headed my way, any of that.

When I got about 1/3 a mile away from home, I started feeling the first few drops.


It wasn’t too bad yet, and I was in a spot where I had a bit of cover from the trees. I was going to walk just a bit longer so I could catch my breath and book it the rest of the way home.

Then there was a flash of lightning.

As soon as I saw that, I could hear coaches whistles blowing from the practice fields that were nearby. That made me laugh!

And it made me start running. I wasn’t sprinting, because I still had a ways to go and I was getting tired, but I was running much faster than I normally do. When I reached our apartment complex, I finally relaxed a bit. I was still getting rained on, but it wasn’t too bad. It was still kind of a sprinkle.


By the time I got inside, I wasn’t sure what was sweat and what was rain.

I ran just over 2 miles in just over 20 minutes. That may not sound super impressive, but remember that I stopped for a bit to take a picture, with the timer still going, and I took those walk breaks.

I would really love to know what my actual running pace was. I bet it was close to what I ran in high school!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little story. This is one of those runs I’ll remember for a while!!



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