Monday Motivation

It’s that time! For some of us, the kids are out of school and summer plans are underway. Others are still counting down the days.

Summer time often means a change to workout plans, whether it’s working around the hot weather, vacations, or adjusting to having the kids home again. I know my workout schedule is going to change.

I’m probably going to be doing more body-weight and cardio exercises during the day ans saving the weighted work outs for the evening when my husband can stay home with the kids. I’m being optimistic and hoping I can get the kids involved with my work outs. Have them do a few push ups with me. See if they can get across the monkey bars before I do so many pull ups. Race for sprints. And of course, swimming!

The first couple weeks are going to be an adjustment period, so I totally understand if you get off track for a bit. I’m sure I will a little bit. Just don’t let your work outs get away from you. Even if you hit your goal weight for the summer, you still need to maintain it! Don’t want all that hard work to go to waste, do ya?




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