Monday Motivation

I had a pretty awesome weekend. I went back to my home town to celebrate the retirement of my high school choir teacher. I got to see my high school and some old friends!



After teaching there for over 30 years, he’s built quite the legacy. There were some festivities in the morning and afternoon and that night was the concert. Every year, we had the last concert where the choirs sang a few songs and then the kids could try out to sing solos, duets, etc. Every year at the very end, the choirs would sing Battle Hymn of the Republic, (We sang it at graduation with the band/orchestra, so it was kind of a practice for that) and he would always invite the alumni there to come up and sing it with us. It was always cool to see them come up and their voices added some maturity to our already amazing choir.

Well, imagine 33 years worth of alumni coming together to sing. I’m not sure how many of us were there, but there were a ton. It was an incredibly amazing experience, and I had chills the whole time. We ended up singing 3 songs. 2 of them I knew about beforehand, and I knew them because I sang them in high school. The third? I didn’t know about until I got up there, so I got to sight read lol. Fortunately, I was pretty good at sight reading, so I only made a couple slip ups, and as there were so many of us, it didn’t really matter.

At the beginning of the concert, Mr. Talley said something that I’ve known since high school, but it still stuck with me…. he talked about how there’s a special bond made between people who sing together. And it’s so true. I had some pretty amazing friends in high school, but some of my closest friendships were made in choir. I’ve never really been good at staying in touch with people outside of social media, but most of the people I’m friends with on Facebook and stuff from high school were in choir. There really is something incredible that happens when you make music with others, whether it’s singing or playing instruments.

Now, as this is a health and fitness centered blog, how does this all relate?

If you’ve ever been on a team, you know that bond is created with your team mates as well.

I wasn’t super involved in stuff when I was in high school, so choir and cross country were my big things. There was that special bond with my team mates. Last year when I worked out with a group of ladies from my church, they became some of my closest friends here, and a large part of that was the bond we formed over working out. Even though I haven’t been for a long time, the group I ran with on social runs kind of became my extended running family.

I used to be totally fine working out on my own, running on my own, all that, and for the most part, that’s still true. But there is something special when you work out with others. When you see each other being pushed to the limit. When you encourage each other. You see another side of people that you don’t normally see.

I feel so lucky and so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life and to have these special bonds. The fitness community is totally awesome, and welcomes everyone. There’s something out there for everyone. If you’re struggling to find that, I hope you go online to find a group, team, whatever. It will totally be worth your time!


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