Monday Motivation

Diplomas, BBQ, headphones, and ice cream. That sums up my weekend pretty well!!

My husband graduated with his Masters form the University of North Texas this weekend! I’m so proud of this guy. He worked his butt off at work during the day and then worked his butt off at night and on weekends to get his degree. It was a rough couple years, but so worth it!

Now that he’s done with school, he’s had more time to work out. It’s been so much easier for me to work out and eat better knowing he’s doing it too. We’ve been trying a high protein/low carb diet for a few weeks now. We’re not really following any specific diet or plan, and we’ve had our cheat days (I felt sick after eating some fast food for the first time in a long time!!). One thing we did do is we bought a bunch of meat from Rudy’s and had that for lunch and dinner for like 4 or 5 days. It was super delicious, nice not having to worry about what to cook, and I really did notice a difference after eating all of that. I’ve slimmed down and my weight has gone down a little bit. It’s been really awesome seeing the difference when I look in the mirror. I definitely want to keep going!

For Mother’s Day, I got a pair of wireless headphones!! I’m pretty sentimental, so I’ve held on to the pair I got when I was training for a half marathon…. 5 years ago. They’ve held together surprisingly well! The only thing wrong with them now is the foam that goes around the ear pieces has finally come off. Sound is still good. But a few weeks ago my husband got a pair of wireless headphones, and as much as I loved my old headphones, it was really REALLY nice not having that cord while working out. So I was super excited to get a pair of my own!


I just got back from my morning run when I took this, hence the red face and crazy hair! And I still have my playlist going!

This has been a pretty awesome weekend. I’m super proud of my husband, and I love my kids. My family is what really keeps me going. Sure, it’s nice to see the changes in the mirror and scale, but I think if it wasn’t for my family, it wouldn’t really mean anything to me. I love having the strength and energy to run around with the kids. I hope I’m setting a good example for them.

Well, I guess it’s back to work for me! Getting myself mentally ready for today’s work out! I hope all you moms out there had a good mothers day!


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