Workout Wednesday

The day is almost over, but I wanted to make sure to share something I’ve been doing this week! It’s a dang good ab work out… I’ll describe it the best way I can and then share an illustration I made. I tried getting a picture of me doing it, but it didn’t work out too well.

I hang from a bar, like a pull up bar and bring my legs up in front of me, trying to get a 90 degree angle, so my body looks like it’s in a L shape…


Just playing around, I tried it while holding a ball between my feet, and it was more challenging. It was just one of those playground balls, like we used to nail each other with in dodge ball, but it was hard keeping that steady while bringing my legs up. I want to try it with a weighted ball some time!

This is just one of those things you can add to your work out. Like I said, great for abs, but I also felt it in my hips, which I need, and definitely in my legs and shoulders. It’s almost a full body movement! Not bad, huh?!


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