Workout Wednesday… sort of…

We all have those days where we get up and just wanna crawl back into bed. The last thing we want to do is work out. Yet we some how get out of bed and get optimistic enough to say “I’m going to give it my all even if it’s not much” and get to it. Even if it’s not our best work out, we still feel good because we did it!

And then there are those days where we wake up feeling great, feeling pumped up, and hit the gym ready to hit it. And then something happens and a few minutes in, we realize this isn’t going to be our day.

That was my day today.

I was excited to try this workout I found. I knew it was going to be super hard and intense, but I was ready! It was going to take me a while to get through it and I was probably going to pass out on the floor when I finished, but I was going to do it!

It took me maybe 2 minutes to realize that wasn’t going to happen today.

For some reason, I just couldn’t get in a groove. I couldn’t get my head in the game. I couldn’t push past that mental block.

So I called it quits.

And now I’m upset with myself.

Being realistic though, we all have those days. As frustrating as it is, we have those days where it’s just not going to happen. I sort of planned my day around this, knowing that when I finished I wouldn’t be doing anything for a couple hours. I like a bit of structure to my day, so not only am I frustrated about not being able to get through my work out, but now I feel kind of thrown off schedule.

But, eternal optimist that I am, I know I’ll stew for a while longer, and then I’ll be over it. I’m going to get past it and move on. I’m already pumping myself up for tomorrow’s workout. (I get to play with my friends!) I’m not going to let this totally ruin my day or my goals.


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