Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!


I saw this the other day and I’ve been thinking about it. Last year I worked out with an amazing group of women. We would bring our kids and let them play while we worked out. We would often talk about how we loved that we were doing something for ourselves, and how this was also a great example to the kids.

I admit, as of this moment of writing, my kids have been in their room all morning playing on the tablet. Fortunately, my kids are just happy running around and getting sweaty as they are playing Minecraft for hours on end. (in my defense, it’s storming outside).

Later this week, the school is doing something they are calling the Warrior Run. It’s an obstacle course that all the kids are going to get to do. My kids are super excited about it. For the past couple weeks, any time they eat something healthy, they say they’re getting ready for the Warrior Run. When we go outside and play tag, they say they’re getting fast so they can win the Warrior Run. I don’t know what they’re going to do once it’s all over, but for now, it’s great incentive for them to exercise and eat healthy!

I love having an active family. We don’t eat vegetables every day and I have no problem getting them the occasional Happy Meal. They’re not in sports (yet), and that’s okay. I’m pretty confident my husband and I have at least laid a healthy foundation for them to build on. When they do start sports, they’ll be ready.

Just like everything else in life, I need to be an example to them of living a healthy life. This motivates me to be healthier!


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