Al Ruschhaupt Park

There’s this park in McKinney that a friend introduced us to when we first moved down to the DFW area. It has a pretty awesome playground that includes a splash pad so the kids love going there. What interested me was the little walking trail. We took a short walk on the trail but the kids quickly lost interest, and huge ants made it kind of unappealing. (Seriously, I’ve never seen ants that big in my life until that point! They were like this |——| big at least!) Well, despite the ants, I still wanted to check out that trail but I never got around to it. That is, until a few days ago! I had someone with me and I was ready to check this place out!

Al Ruschhaupt Park (I have no idea how that is pronounced!) is one of those parks with soccer fields, so the park itself is pretty big. On the other side of the creek is a disc golf course, which my family and I went to this past weekend. (It’s been a few years since we have played and I was never great at it, so I sucked! But I still had fun! Someone had our dream doggie out there so that was fun to see!)

Al Rus...

I only went on a small section of the walking trail, but it looks like it’s interconnected to other trails and parks. One of these days I’ll explore other parts of the trail. The map shows just where we went walking. We wanted to go a little farther but we smelled a skunk! So we turned around. It was a nice morning, and with Spring just a few days away, there were a lot of pretty flowers and budding trees, which means there was what I like to call Texas Spring Snow, AKA tons of pollen and seeds being blown around. Seriously, it almost looks like snow falling! I was kind of distracted by all the pretty flowers. We ended up taking a lot of pictures of the flowers and some cool looking trees.

This is a pretty neat little trail. Like I said, I hope to get out there again and explore more of it. If I had a bike, it would be so much easier! One day…

I wanted to get a picture of the playground because it’s such a cool one, but there were a couple birthday parties going on and a bunch of little kids so I decided that might not be the best idea. This is a pretty cool park to bring the family. There’s a lot to do there, with the playground, trail, fields, and disc golf course. The neighborhood around it isn’t the nicest, so I was glad I had someone with me when I went out there!

Al Rus2...Al Rus3...Al Rus4... This is my favorite picture I took out there!


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