Frisco Commons

If you’re looking for a short trail you can take the whole family on, you might want to check out Frisco Commons in Frisco, TX. I’m not sure exactly how long the trail is, but it’s easy to access and, if needed, you can cut it short. It’s a paved trail, so it’s perfect for strollers, bikes, and scooters.

One thing I like about this park and trail is that even though it’s surrounded by homes and businesses, when you get out there, it kind of has that middle-of-nowhere feel. It’s great for when you want to kind of lose yourself in running or walking, but you still want to be close to civilization, safety, and bathrooms. Yes, the park has bathrooms. They’re not great, but when you gotta go, you gotta go!

I have only been out there on the trail a couple of times. The only reason my kids didn’t complain too much about going out there with me was because we went to the playground at Hope Park when we were done! This is a seriously awesome playground. It’s huge, with three different areas. One is more for toddlers and little kids, one has ramps and the ground is made of rubber, so it’s accessible for everyone, even those in wheelchairs, with walkers, etc, and the other part is like any normal playground. Now, it’s easy to lose track of the kids in there, but the awesome thing is that the whole playground area is surrounded by a fence, with only one entrance/exit, so just post yourself there and make sure no kids run off! During the summer, there is also a splash pad just a little ways off from the playground.


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