Workout Wednesday

Time for another Pinterest inspired workout! Seriously, if you’re in a workout rut, Pinterest is the place to go for ideas.


This one kind of kicked my butt yesterday. My arms and shoulders are sore! (But I also worked them pretty well the day before.) I lost track of how many sets I did, so I may have only done 6 sets. Instead of box jumps I did step ups, and I definitely did not do the RX of 95 lbs. I think I did like maybe 35 lbs for cleans, but because I was doing so many reps and I wasn’t feeling great, it was just fine with me. Normally I do more than that, but I was doing well just to show up and try lol! We all have those days… or weeks… or months….

Hey, in other news, the CrossFit open starts in just a couple days!!! For those of you that may not know, the Open is the first step to going to the CrossFit Games. I’m hoping I’ll get to watch a part of the Open. It would be pretty awesome and inspiring to see so many fit people competing.


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