Workout Wednesday

The other day, my husband decided to work from home. During his lunch break we went down to our apartment’s fitness center and worked out together! We don’t get to workout together much, but it’s always fun!


My trainer texted me a workout which involved a bunch of jump rope and dumbbell thrusters. I was supposed to do double-unders but I am very out of practice, and even when I was at my “peak”, I couldn’t string together more than 10. So I just doubled the number and did singles.

The workout went surprisingly quick and I wasn’t as worn out as I thought I would be. My husband was still working out, so I decided to do more stuff!


I cut this down to 10 minutes, and instead of pull-ups, I did these  push-ups that simulate handstand push-ups.

Still feeling good, I did a few more things. I was doing some Russian twists with a medicine ball and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I noticed how my shoulders and arms were looking. I fell in love with how they’re looking, so I made my husband take a picture of me.


I’m usually not very vain, but I really do love this!



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