Rowlett Trail

Time to talk about another trail I enjoy! Now, I’m not sure of the exact name of this trail, I’ve just always called it the Rowlett Creek trail because it runs alongside the Rowlett Creek. This one is in Allen, and one thing I think is pretty cool about it is that the trail runs through a golf course!


There are a few different ways to access the trail. You can reach it from the neighborhoods, from Exchange, or you can park at Bolin Park and walk from there. I’m not sure of the exact distance of the trail because it kind of depends where you’re coming from, if you take the forks, etc.

While going through the golf course, there are the places that branch off from the main trail. Most of them are marked for gold carts only and pedestrians/bikes only. Pay attention to those and you shouldn’t get too lost!


I wanted to get a few more pictures to show how pretty it can be different times of the year, but I didn’t have time to take some and I couldn’t find the others I had!!

I really like this trail because it’s not too long, it’s well maintained, and it’s pretty! Some parts go through the wooded area, so you get that little feeling of being out in the woods but still close to home. There is a bathroom about half way through. I’m sure it’s meant for the golfers, but it’s so nice knowing it’s there if you need it, especially if you take the kids with you. Win!


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