Trail at the Woods

Looking for an easy trail that isn’t too long or too rugged? Trail at the Woods might be your thing! Located in Allen near the Suncreek subdivision, this area is almost a hidden gem.

To get to the actual nature part of the trail, you have to take the sidewalk trail that runs along Rollins Drive. You can park somewhere along that road and get access to the sidewalk or you can park on the other side of Alma in a parking lot next to Suncreek and take the sidewalk that goes under the bridge.


The pretty nature part of the trail isn’t that long. It’s made up of 2 loops that make almost a figure 8, so it’s a good place to work on sprints or intervals. One loop is just about ¼ mile, and the other one is shorter. The ground is pretty flat. Usually the only obstructions are the occasional fallen limb. Bikes are not allowed on the trails, but there are racks just off the trail where you can leave your bike. And, if you’re still into the Pokemon Go game, there are a few stops and a gym!

I like going over here because it’s kind of secluded. I hardly ever see people out there, and when I do, it’s only a couple people. It’s just far enough off the main road that you almost don’t hear the traffic, so you feel like you’re in a small forest. During the spring and summer, the trees are lush, the fall is gorgeous, and in the winter you can see more of the area through the bare trees. There are a few places you can stop and sit for a bit if you want and there are signs along the trail that give some information about the area.

Just a word of caution, I’ve seen snakes out there! I don’t think they’re poisonous, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If I happen to find one (or 2) on the trail, I just back away. During the spring and summer, make sure you keep your eyes peeled! Another down side during the warmer months is there are a lot of spider webs and caterpillar silk, and you don’t always know what you’re running through. It’s not a fun feeling to run through that stuff!! But, when the sun is going down, you can see fireflies! I was excited when I first saw them out there because I hadn’t seen fireflies since I was 5!


Can you spot the snake? I’m sure glad I did before disaster struck!

If you get bored of going around the loops and still need some exercise, you could always just take the concrete path that goes along Rollins. If you head east through Suncreek Park, you hit the  Connemara Meadow Preserve. I’ve only briefly visited there, but hopefully one day I’ll have more information about it to share here! In the meantime, you can check out a little more information about it here.


We were in a hurry to get there! This is part of the main sidewalk that leads to the nature-y part. And I’ve seen a snake on this sidewalk too, so it’s not just the dirt trails where they like to hang out!




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