Watters Creek Trail

Hey everyone! Today I’m excited to share about one of my favorite trails… the Watters Creek Trail in Allen, TX. This is a paved trail that is about 3.75 miles long one way, depending where you start. I think they’re expanding it, so it will soon be longer! I can’t wait to explore the new sections when they open!

There are a few different places to reach the trail, depending on where you want to park, how long you want to go, etc. One side of the trail can be reached from the Watters Creek shopping mall. There used to be a Luke’s Locker there that did free social runs and some classes out there, but it’s gone now. The other end of the trail is on Creekway near Ridgeview.

The map on the left shows the approximate distance from one end to the other. It depends on where you start. The map on the right shows the approximate distance if you go from one end to the other. They actually have some of the miles marked if you go all the way down and back, which is kind of cool!

Though I have been on this trail several times, I have been all the way down and back only twice, once running, once walking. When I ran, I parked at the Watters Creek parking lot, and when I walked, I parked on the Creekway end. When I got to Watters Creek, I popped into Market Street to use the bathroom and get some fresh water.

Why do I love this trail? Oh, where do I begin? First of all, the accessibility. Because it goes through a few neighborhoods, there are several places you can reach the trail from. When we first moved to the area, we lived in an apartment complex that had backed up right up to the trail. It was one of the reasons I wanted to move into that apartment, and it didn’t take long for me to take the kids out there to explore.

It goes through the Dayspring Nature Preserve. It’s a small preserve, but it’s beautiful and there are a few trails leading off the main sidewalk you can explore. I took the picture for the cover of my book Keep Living there!


A nice, pretty, open area of the preserve!


I don’t know why, but I just always loved this bridge!


Yes, I’m making a small plug for my book! If you want more information, just let me know, I would love to share! Anyway, there are a few of these stone statue things throughout the nature preserve. They give little factoids about the preserve like about wild life, plants, and the history. They were perfect for what I had in mind for this picture!

The trail is long enough that it can be a challenge but because it’s so accessible, you can scale it down to whatever distance. It’s a great place to walk, run, bike, push a stroller, all that! The kids love taking their bikes and scooters out there and riding to the parks. (Oh yes, there’s a small park right on the trail, and if you take a small detour you can get to another park, another neighborhood, and another trail!)

It’s also a great place to take your four-legged friends! There are stations for bags to clean up after your pets and trash cans all along the trail, which is pretty convenient.

When we first moved to the area, we only had one car, and my husband had a long commute. What did this mean for me? I could only go places that I could reach on foot pushing the stroller. This trail made getting to some places so accessible. Where it meets major roads, it goes under the road, so you can get from neighborhood to neighborhood without having to worry about crossing a busy street. I could go to friends’ houses, several parks, nearby grocery stores, etc, without having to worry too much about dealing with traffic. This made me feel much safer going out with the kids.

Something to watch out for… There are a couple parts between McDermott and Bethany that split into two separate trails. If you end up taking the wrong path, you’ll hit a dead-end. It’s a bit disconcerting, and it’s disappointing because then you have to backtrack, taking up more time and energy. If you have the time to take these little trails, you should because they go through some pretty areas. I hope this map helps!! Basically, you want to go on the loops to go up/down the hills to get you to the right place.


You can see those white lines marking the other trails just south of McDermott and just north of Bethany.

Now, even though Allen is a pretty safe place, there’s still the risk of being on a trail. There have been several attacks in the DFW area along trails, so take proper precautions. For some tips and ideas on being safe, check out my post here. I have seen coyotes out there before (thankfully it was during the day time or else I would’ve been freaking out!) and I’ve heard people in the nearby houses talk about bobcats, sooooo you want to watch out for them! I wouldn’t go on this trail after dark, unless I was with a large group. And this is a great place to run with a group, because it’s a nice wide sidewalk!

Oh, and the preserve is a great place to take pictures! I’ve seen people getting family photos, graduation photos, wedding photos, all that out there. I even saw a couple have a vow renewal ceremony out there! So, if you’re looking for a place to snap some pics, you should definitely check it out.

It kind of surprises me that more people don’t know about this trail, even those that have lived here for a while. I could go on and on about how awesome this trail is, so I’m always excited to tell people. There are so many things you can do out there, and it’s such a great place for kids. If nothing else, it’s a great place to get them outside and into some contact with nature!

As I said, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. I hope some of you that haven’t been here yet (or even heard of it!) are inspired to pay a visit. I hope it helps others train and reach their goals!



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