Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

A little while ago, I talked about how I love trail running. There’s just something amazing about being out in nature surrounded by trees that beats running on a sidewalk through a neighborhood or (gulp) a treadmill.

To me, trails don’t necessarily have to be dirt paths in the middle of a forest, though those are pretty amazing. There are several hike and bike trails cities have built to help keep their citizens active. I always love finding new trails and exploring them. I love living in an area that has several close by.

Something I want to start doing is sharing about some of the trails I’ve been on and that my family and I have enjoyed. Some are city run trails, some run through nature preserves. For now, most of the ones I will be talking about are in the Collin County area (Allen, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney Texas) simply because I have lived in the area for a few years and these are the trails I know!

The first one I’ll share about today is Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve in Plano, TX. This is a large park (800 acres) with several paved and natural trails. One area is designated for equestrian trails. For more information on the park, visit the City of Plano Park and Recreation site here.

It was about a year ago I first visited this park with my daughter. There’s another nature preserve my family frequents (more on that another day!) so I was curious how this one would compare. It’s much closer to our home, so it was fun to discover a neat place so close to home!

There is a concrete trail that runs around the park. It doesn’t really go through the pretty part of the park, at least not the parts we’ve been on, but it makes it easy to get around the park quickly.

There are several dirt trails that go through the pretty part of the preserve. They are pretty flat and well maintained, so small children and those with difficulty walking can navigate them easily. The trails inter-connect, so you can go as long or short as you want.

Smooth sailing!! I’m not sure if bikes and/or strollers are allowed on the trails, but as you can see, you wouldn’t have a hard time rolling one around. This place is super pretty in the Spring when everything is coming to life.

I just had to share these pics I took! Those are some crazy looking mushrooms there!

Oak Point is on the North East side of Plano. If you’ve ever been to the Plano Balloon Festival, you know where to go! There are a few places to park your car. I usually park on the Spring Creek side where the amphitheater is so I can get to the trails easily, but if you park on the side next to the visitor’s center, you’re closer to the restrooms!


For your convenience, here’s a map!

In short, if you’re new to trail running, or just want a fun and pretty place to run/walk, Oak Point is an awesome place to go! It’s a good place for kids to get some wiggles out and experience nature without being too strenuous on their little bodies.

I can’t wait to share some more trails and parks with y’all!


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