Workout Wednesday

I love Pinterest. There is so much information on there. I have to admit though, when I look at some of the workouts on there I just laugh. There’s no way some of those workouts will do anything for you, unless you do like 10 rounds or you throw that in with your regular workout. Now and then I find one though that intrigues me. I want to try it. I wrote down a bunch of these work outs so if I need something to do I can quickly find something to do.

Monday was one of those days. I was going to be working out from home, so I needed something I could do with no equipment and that wouldn’t make too much noise. Dirty Dozen to the rescue!


At first it doesn’t look so bad, right? Then you do the math and realize… that’s 144 push ups, 144 squats, 144 sit ups, and 144 lunges!!! Yikes!

When I did this, about half way through I had to start doing the push-ups from my knees. Hey, no shame in that, right?! Then I kind of tweaked something in my shoulder, so the last 2 rounds I skipped the push-ups so I wouldn’t hurt myself. For the lunges, I counted 12 for each leg, so 24 total, but if you need to modify that, it’s no problem!

This workout came from the site and there are a ton of workouts on there! If you have the time, you should go check it out!


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