The Unexpected Challenge

If you follow me on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen my posts about the competition I did this weekend. Time to share about the experience!

A couple months ago, my trainer told me about this thing her gym was doing. It was going to be a competition, but it was going to be really low-key. I was interested, but I just wanted to watch, hang out, cheer people on, all that.

Earlier last week she sent me the information about it. It turns out that there were going to be a few gyms participating. Competitors were going to run from gym to gym and do challenges at each gym. It was a team competition. I was still just going to go and watch and I was planning on running with them from gym to gym.

Friday night I texted her to find out what time I needed to be at her house in the morning. I was going to follow them down since I didn’t know where to go and I had to take off early. That’s when I got the unexpected news…. I was going to participate!


Yeah, I freaked out for a little while. I felt completely unprepared and totally inadequate for this.

Now, when these situations come up you have a choice: crawl away and live in regret or rise up to the challenge. Even If I did horribly, I knew I was about to do something hard and awesome.

I woke up super early Saturday morning to a cold rainy day. Oh geeze. I have no problem with working out in the cold, but the rain was going to make things much more miserable. Nothing I can do about it though except dress accordingly.

We made it to the first gym in downtown Dallas. This was the starting point of the whole competition. We got checked in, got our swag, all that. After a little while we made our way outside and off we went!

This first leg was the longest run. It felt like the hardest because we weren’t warmed up, we were getting soaked, and we knew we had a tough challenge ahead of us. Making it to the gym felt so incredible. We didn’t know which workouts we were doing at each gym until we got there. The first challenge was as a team, we had 5 rounds of 40 burpees and 40 wall balls. Because it was a team thing, we could break it up however we wanted, we just had to get 40 total each, and we could only go one at a time. There were five of us so we split it up where the first 3 people did 10 each and the last 2 did 5. This was my first time doing wall-balls, but Ive seen them done so I understood the concept. I only got smacked by the ball in the face once! After that it was off to the next gym.

This leg was shorter which was nice, but after being in the warm dry gym it was hard to go back out on the cold wet streets. It was another huge relief to make it to the next gym. Then we saw this challenge: 300 strict pull ups. Now, if you watch CrossFitters do pull ups, chances are they’re doing kips or butterflys. Kip pull ups are where you kind of swing and do a little kick thing to build momentum to get you up to the bar. This makes it so you can bust out a bunch. I know that weightlifters like to make fun of Crossfitters because it looks like they’re flopping around like a fish out of water, but it works. Strict pull ups are what you think of when you think of pull-ups: you’re hanging from the bar and you pull yourself up. I can do like 2 of these. Fortunately, we were able to assist each other. We would hold each others’ feet, making it much more easy to get up there.

After we finally got our 300 (as a team), we had to grab a cinder block (just 1 for the team) and carry it to the last gym. We passed it around as we went to make it easier. We did more walking than running on this leg because of the huge brick. Finally, we made it to the last gym. We went to the whiteboard to look at our last challenge. As a team, we had to lift a total of 10,000 kilos ground to over-head. Ah! Doing the conversion, that’s just over 22,000 lbs!! We had to do the same weight for the whole team. They had it broken down for us so we knew if we were lifting X amount of kilos we had to do Y amount of reps. I can’t remember for sure, but I think we did 30 kilos, or about 66 lbs.

This one was hard. By the end I was just so tired and I was struggling to get that bar over my head. I love lifting but I struggle with holding the weight over my head. With this being the last challenge, and after running/walking about 6.5 miles, I was done. I was so glad when we were finally done!!

I really wasn’t expecting to do anything like that this weekend. I’m so glad I did it though. I’ve been in kind of a funk where getting myself to workout sometimes feels like a chore. I don’t feel like I’ve been doing very well. This was just what I needed. It showed me that yes, I’m doing just fine, and yes, I can do hard things! I’m still recovering from it (that last challenge REALLY hurt!!) but it was totally worth it!


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