Why I do what I do

I’m on the final stages of finishing my Monday Motivation book! By the way, here’s what I decided on for the cover:

Monday Motivation Cover.jpg

Something simple, but happy to look at!

Here’s the thing. I’m not this super fit person that eats all organic clean foods. I would like to get there some day, but I’m not there. I’m your average person that likes to work out. I also like to help people. I like to inspire and motivate people. I found this quote that sums it up:


I’m not one to try and make myself out to be someone special, but I’ve had random people comment and message me on social media that I’ve inspired them. It makes me feel great. I’m not out to do this to make tons of money, but hey, if that ends up happening, then great! I’m not gonna turn it down!

I really hope my book, Monday Motivation, will help inspire and motivate others to meet their goals. And I hope it helps me meet mine! Practice what you preach, right? I have several areas I can improve on, so I’ll be working on my goals next year right along with everyone else.

I don’t have a definite release date yet, but I’m still aiming for December 2. I honestly think this will make a great gift. It’s not a guide to lose weight. I’m not qualified to do that. It’s thoughts and tips to help get you through the year. We all could use a little of that. Several of the things discussed in it can translate to other areas of life.

I really hope I can help someone with this book. I’m getting pretty excited to finish this thing and get it out there for everyone!


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