Here’s to Cross Country

Some days I just really miss Cross Country. I miss my team mates, the early morning runs, the meets, and the weary feeling of finishing a good run. The season is wrapping up right about now, but I feel like sharing some fun Cross Country things I’ve found on Pinterest!!

First off… there is a big difference between Cross Country and Track…


Track is running around the oval thing. BORING! Cross Country is running on roads, through parks, up hills, and battling the elements. Cross Country is a fall sport while Track is in Spring. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for track runners, but it just annoys me when people think they’re the same thing. It’s like the people who call every race a marathon.


We all know that face ^^


Cross Country needs more respect, yo!


This last one is my favorite! I loved the community feel of the sport. Everyone cheers you on and encourages you. It’s still a competition, but it’s still so supportive.

Ah, those were the days. Some days I wish I could be a coach. Cross Country runners, here’s to you!


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