Funny story…

I’ve wanted to try beets for a while but I just never got around to buying them and I wasn’t sure how to cook them. Well, they had some for a good price at Sprouts today, so I thought “What the heck? Why not?!”. It came in a bunch with 3 of them and it had the stems and greens. I had some things I was going to juice, so I decided to try a beet juice. I quickly looked up a recipe and found one to try. (2 beets, 1 green apple, 2-3 carrots)

I thought it was really pretty so I took a picture of it and sent it to someone. Unfortunately, I didn’t really look at the picture before I sent it….


She texted me back saying at first she thought that was blood and that I said I was going to drink beef juice…. like I was going to drink blood!

Yeah, I can totally see how she came to that conclusion!!!

I had to laugh at that and at my unfortunate picture taking skills.

On the other hand, when I was cleaning out the pulp, the pulp looked really pretty! I wish I got a picture of that. It was mostly pulp from the carrots and beets so it was bright orange and that deep red. It looked like pretty sand. Okay, yeah I’m a little weird. But at least I’m not drinking beef juice!


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