Hello Monday!

I’ve been pretty excited about this special project I’ve been working on. I’m going to hold off on details for now though. Call me a Drama Queen, but I like creating a little suspense.

Projects always make me excited about life. Even when it’s something that causes stress, I like having something to focus on. In some ways, it makes me more motivated in other aspects of my life, including fitness. Maybe its because I have to prioritize my time better, or I’m more motivated to hurry through the boring things to get to the fun stuff.

What projects do you have this week, and how do you feel about them? Excited? or are you dreading them? Since I like to think positively, if you’re dreading an upcoming project, find a way to make it more enjoyable! Give yourself a reward when you’re done. Make a game out of it. Whatever works to get you through it!

Have a great week!


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