My thing-a-majig

The weekend is almost over. Woo! In my mind I’m planning out what tomorrow’s Monday Motivation bit will be. But for now, I guess I should talk about the thing I participated in this weekend!

It ended up not being a competition like I originally thought. I mean, the site called it a competition, so yeah, that’s what I thought it was going to be. It was just another WOD like you would do if you walked in any crossfit box. This made the whole thing much less stressful than I was planning on it being. The event made it so crossfit boxes would get people in there that they wouldn’t normally get, while raising money for the charity. Winning all around!

So here’s how the morning went. I kind of knew going in that it was going to be like that, but I was still nervous. I was going to be working out in a new place surrounded by people I didn’t know. So what do I do when I get nervous? Show up way early. It wasn’t a total bust though. On the drive there, I had to stop at an intersection that was being controlled by police. A triathlon was going on, so I watched some people riding their bikes down the road. The wet suits and numbers on their arms gave it away. Then came the guy riding in an American flag style Speedo. Oh yeah. (Luckily he was in good shape or else it would’ve not been a fun sight.)

Anyway, I got there early and just sat in the car listening to music until my friend showed up. She goes to this gym so she helped show me the ropes. Everyone else showed up. I’m guessing they were the regulars there, so I was the only one there just for the event.

We did some stretching and warm ups. Then we did an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) of rowing and jump rope. Lots and lots of jump rope. For a mom, that wasn’t much fun, if you know what I mean. (Hey, I like to get real here.)

Anyway, after already working out for like 30 minutes or more it was finally time to the WOD. I was tired. I did some things I haven’t done before, like working on the rowing machine. But, it’s only 5 minutes. I could do 5 minutes. I scaled it down. If this was an actual competition, I would’ve tried doing it the way it said to. But this wasn’t a competition, so I felt perfectly fine scaling it.

Instead of cleaning 105 lbs, I did 95. Instead of 24 double unders, I did 48. Pull ups were regular. The pull ups were what killed me this time. The bars were kind of slippery, even with chalk, so I had a hard time stringing together more than a couple in a row.

but, I did it.

In the five minutes, I got through 2 full rounds and then the cleans and jump rope of the third round.

I was glad it was over, but I was still proud of myself! I did something new, something that was slightly intimidating.

Now, I’m looking at real competitions to do. There’s one my friend found next month that is just for women. It has 3 WODs through-out the day, and winners get a prize. Dunno if I’m going to do it, but it certainly is something to work towards!


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