Hello and Happy Monday!

The other day I was thinking about my workout style. When I say this, I mean, I need a goal to keep me going. I love running, but unless I have a race to train for, I have a hard time getting motivated to get out the door. Right now, the idea of possibly competing in Crossfit competitions has me motivated to work hard.

What goals would motivate you? What can you do today to work towards those goals? New Years is still a few months away, but does that mean you have to wait until then to begin? No! Treat each Monday like a new beginning. Each week, look at your goals, evaluate what needs to change, and plan out your week. Take it week by week.

If you need to, find a friend that has similar goals, and work on them together! You will hold each other accountable, and it makes it easier knowing someone is going through the same thing you are.

Have a great week!


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