I try to be patient. I try to do my best to prevent such disasters. Sometimes life just has other plans. I don’t really care to go into the long and complicated history I’ve had with the enemy. Lets just say I annihilated them. This time…. this time is different.

I’ll start my tale with this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day outside, college football started (Go Aggies!), and the day held promise to make beautiful memories as a family. My husband had asked me to find him a screw driver so he could do something. I went to the closet closest to the front door where we keep the tools, games, balls, swimming things, etc. Stuff we use enough that we don’t want to keep them in storage, but not enough to keep them anywhere else. I pulled down the plastic bin we use for tools (no toolbox. for now.) and started digging for the right screw driver.

That’s when I saw them.

They were back.

I could not believe it.


As soon as the screw driver was in my husband’s hands, I took everything out of the bin. Yep, it was weevils alright. Crap.

You may be wondering, what is a weevil? A weevil is ant sized demon spawn. Oh, don’t worry, they’re harmless. But I can guarantee you’ve eaten a few. There are several varieties, but probably the most common that we come across are the ones that love grains.

Imagine, you’re eating your cereal, getting all geared up for the day when… oh no! You look down and see a small bug in your food! Yeah, that’s a weevil. They love all things grain. Cereal, flour, pasta, crackers, rice, you get the idea. Those little jerks use their sharp little noses to poke through packaging to get to the good stuff. Yeah, they’re harmless, but all it takes is a pregnant female before you have in infestation.

I’ve dealt with these guys before. I’ve found them in the pantry. I could probably count on one hand the number I saw each time I dealt with them. Whenever I saw them, I dutifully threw out all opened packages of food, scrubbed out the pantry and cupboards, and even used bay leaves, cloves, and eucalyptus oil to help keep them away. Weevils hate those things. You gotta handle the situation as soon as possible or else it will get out of hand.

Well, I could tell just from the few in that plastic bin that it was going to be a doozey. Weekend plans immediately evaporated into thin air as I planned my strategy. First thing first was to get everything out of that closet. I had plans to clean out that closet soon but they were the “when I have time” plans. We all know how those work out. The more stuff I pulled out, the more I realized how bad the problem was.

Getting everything out of the closet was the easy part. Next came the sorting and cleaning. Rubbermaid storage containers were put in bath tubs to be scrubbed out. Some things were thrown away. The source of the problem was discovered… our measly supply of food storage. There went out 10 pound bag of rice, several bags of beans, some pasta, and maybe a few canned goods.

Oh, yeah, there’s more. The closet was only the beginning. It was weevil HQ but some were outsourced to the laundry room. Some hitched a ride and re-located to the living room in the cleaning process.

5-6 hours. That’s how long I spent cleaning up that small portion of our apartment. I also cleaned out the pantry. I left the food out over night. By that point I didn’t care enough to put the stuff away. Luckily the kitchen was spared. I managed to keep the enemy away.

I thought it was over. I thought I had won.

Then came the art project.

My daughter had to decorate a little person to look like her for school. I dug out the art supplies. I was going through the box to give her the good things when I saw them.



In the craft box.

that was in our closet.

The closet that shares a wall with the other closet that I just cleaned out.


I was not ready to deal. Usually I jump on it right away but it was almost dinner time, I was worn out from the rough long weekend, and I wasn’t emotionally ready to deal with it.

So, once again, I made my plans.

I had to cancel my scheduled work out, but I knew I was going to get enough of a workout to make up for it.

As soon as I got home from dropping the kids off and I was done with breakfast, it was time to get down to work.

I got the closet cleaned out. I found some on my dresser.

Dang it.

It was a drastic measure, but it had to be done. I had to make sure our clothes were safe. ALL of our clothes.

It took some time, but I got all our clothes sorted out and load after load, washed all our clothes. (As of now I still have several loads. Ugh.)

I knew weevils don’t like cloves, eucalyptus, or bay leaves. I had an oil mix that had the first two, I just needed to go to the store to get some bay leaves. I thought of a great mixture for a cheap, safe, non-toxic spray that we could spray everywhere without worrying about toxins or stickiness. I mixed rubbing alcohol, my mix of oils (It’s a homemade version my sister-in-law made that is like On Guard/Thieves depending on what brand you use but it works awesome), I threw in some bay leaves, and whole cloves.

As I went through the stuff from our closet, I really didn’t see many weevils. Maybe the craft box and my dresser were flukes? Maybe I started doing all that laundry for nothing? I still vacuumed out the closet, wiped down the baseboards, and used my homemade spray on the sides and the carpet.

I started moving stuff back into the closet. I was almost done. There was just one thing left. Our huge bag we use as a 72 hour kit or bug out bag. I almost didn’t look in the bag. I hadn’t seen any weevils, why would there be any in there? Logic won out. There’s food in that bag, there’s a small chance.

Oh no.

It only took me five seconds to see there was a problem.


It was bad.

I wanted to just sit there and cry.

But I didn’t, though I did say a few choice words.

I’m sure y’all can tell where this is going.

More work.

More stress.

Except for a trip to the store to pick up cleaning supplies, picking up the kids and running to the library to turn in books that were due today, and meals, I spent almost all day working on this.

There is still loads of work to do.

My plan now?

Get our room super deep clean, finish all the laundry, do the same to the kids room and bathroom, and then a good once over all over our apartment.


I’m trying to stay positive. I’m trying to make this humorous so I don’t go crazy.

It may seem a bit strange to post something like this on a fitness centered blog, but I like helping people. Hopefully this helps someone. If nothing else, hopefully it brings a smile to someone!

Stay positive! 🙂



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