Last week was kind of a haze of back-to-school, not getting enough sleep, and several other things. I know I worked out. I know I did some great stuff. But most of it I can’t remember. Is that good or bad?

Friday I practiced the WOD I’ll be doing for the competition. It’s a 5 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of:

4 power cleans (at 105 lbs)
24 double unders
12 pull ups

In competition I really hope to get through 2 full rounds. Friday I only made it through 1. and that was with the weight scaled down a bit. Yikes. I have some work to do. It’s mostly the double unders. I kind of suck at those and it takes up a lot of time and energy. But I’m getting there.

Today I practiced them. Eeeeeh, I was doing alright but mom bladder+jumprope= lots of laughs at a mess I was making. (I’m cool sharing this… it’s a common problem….. right? RIGHT?!?!? Please tell me I’m right!) Plus I got some awesome welts on my arm and back from the rope whipping me up. Battle wounds. Always awesome.

We did some other cool stuff. We did a couple tabata work outs. (those are where you do an exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10, work 20 seconds, rest for 10) the first one we did, we switched off between tire jumps and pistol squats on the tire. The second tabata we switched between ring pulls (which is kind of the opposite of a push up) and some other thing that I wouldn’t really know how to describe. After that we did some strict pull ups. Hard! I couldn’t do the last one.

I always look forward to what’s in store for me the next day! Maybe I need to get some Depends. Hmm…



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