It’s everyone’s favorite day today!!!

Okay, don’t hate me. It might be too early for jokes. I get it.

Mondays are rough. We all just got off a nice weekend and then it’s back to the grind. For some, this means going back to a job you hate to work for less than you’re worth. For some, it may be the endless cycle of waking up, getting the kids up, making school lunches, and rushing out the door before going through the endless list of errands and chores.

I have a secret… I kind of like Mondays! *Gasp!* I know, I’m weird.

Seriously though, I love the beginning of the week. I love looking at my calendar and planning ahead, even if it’s a super crazy busy week. I plan out my week with my planner and sticky notes. I set goals and try to plan out when I will do specific tasks, like writing a blog post. Do I always get everything done? No, but I feel better for trying. The day I really don’t like is Tuesday. I’m so excited and motivated on Mondays that I wear myself out trying to get everything accomplished!

Here’s my challenge for you… instead of looking at the week ahead with dread at all the things you have to do, look at the opportunities and challenges. Set goals. Hate working out but know you need to exercise 3 times this week? Set a goal for how many push-ups you will do by the end of the week. Have a lesson or presentation that you really REALLY don’t want to give? Set aside time each day specifically to work on that. Break it up into smaller chunks.

And don’t be like me. Have that motivation, but don’t burn yourself out. Pace yourself. You have the rest of the week.

Happy Monday!




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