I did something crazy…

A few weeks ago, my trainer friend said I should sign up for a local Cross fit competition. When she told me this, my first reaction was somewhere along the lines of “Ha! Yeah, right. Like I’m anywhere near ready to do that!”

Then I got home. And I thought about it. And I found the 2015 Cross fit games on Netflix so I had to watch it. And I kept thinking about it.

Today, I signed up for my first Cross fit competition!! It’s at a gym in the area. It’s a charity thing so 1) It’s cheap and 2) I don’t expect it to be that competitive.

This is great, because I still feel like this is so far beyond me. But it’s not. The WOD is posted. I’m not great at the things I have to do, but I can do them. And I get to see how I stack up against other Cross fitters!

So, September 10, I’m going to wake up super nervous. And Excited. But mostly nervous.

If anyone is interested, here’s the link to the competition I’m doing!! At this point, I’ll be happy to get through 2 full rounds in the time limit. We’ll see how I’m feeling about it when the day gets closer!



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