I like sharing workouts because we all need some ideas now and then, right?
Yesterday it was 6 rounds of:

Running (We started off doing about 400 meters but then cut it down to… maybe 150 meters? 200? Not sure)
24 air squats
24 push ups
24 lunges

What really killed me yesterday was the push-ups. I have a pretty strong lower body but my upper body is weak. My shoulders were hurting so bad and today that’s what’s hurting the most.

Today’s workout was 5 rounds of:

5 power cleans (I did 65 lbs)
10 burpees
15 sit-ups with an ab-mat

I wanted to see how fast I could get through the workout because I really need to get better at hustling and not taking too much time to rest. I got it done in 10 minutes. Go me! I did 40 knees-to-chest on the bar after that. I would’ve done more but my shoulders are still bad from yesterday.

Can’t wait to see what other workouts are in store for me this week!


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