A moment

This originally appeared on my other blog mshattuckruns.tumblr.com in June, so when it says yesterday, it was like 2 months ago lol. 

I had this moment yesterday and I hope I can adequately describe the feelings behind it.

I went to take my son to his swim lessons. We got there about 15 minutes early because unwanted to get a decent seat and that’s just me… always early. He is taking lessons through the city’s program at the city Natatorium. When we were walking up to the building, there was this group of kids, maybe pre-teen aged, that were running with these medicine balls. Some were powering through and some were struggling.

We got inside and found a seat. It happened to be right next to a water aerobics class that was going on. While these elderly people were doing their thing, there was a set of swim lessons going on in the other parts of the pool. The other half of the Natatorium is full of lanes, and those were full of teenagers and other people training. Upstairs over looking the leisure pool where all the lessons are going on is a smallish fitness center. It looks like it mostly has cardio machines but people were up there working out.

Now, I imagine this scenario is fairly common for gyms, YMCA, and other similar facilities. I wouldn’t know. The city I grew up in didn’t have a place like that, and if it did, I doubt my parents would’ve taken me there.

I has this moment though, as I watched the elderly working hard to get some exercise, little kids learning how to swim, older kids powering through their laps, people working on the treadmill upstairs…. so many people under one roof trying to improve their fitness. They all have different goals but they are there and they are doing it.

This wave of emotions swept over me and I just wanted to be a part of it! I’ve had the thought before that looking back when ibwas going to school, if I had any sort of idea how my life would be now that I’m older, I would definitely have chosen a different path. I probably would’ve gone to become a personal trainer or something like that, maybe taken a couple creative writing classes. Business major was good, but it’s not doing anything for me. I’m not a business person. I just did it because I didn’t know what else I want to do with my life.

Seriously, my two biggest joys in life, outside of my family and chocolate, is writing and fitness. I may not seem like a fitness buff, I have a long way to go to get there, but I’m slowly getting there. I just live how fitness brings so many people together and the community feel! It is pretty incredible.


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